Staying Financially Organized as a Small Business

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Are you keeping your financial records organized?

Today’s guest, Regan Bashara, calls herself a numbers witch. She’s the founder of All Ease Accounting, LLC. and an expert on small business finances. Learn more about financial recordkeeping, organization, and end-of-month reconciliation.

Let’s make sure your bookkeeping is being done right.

Let’s Meet Our Guest

Regan Bashara

Numbers Witch

Numbers Witch and Bookkeeper Regan Bashara is conjuring empowerment for passionate, open-hearted entrepreneurs in the United States.

Regan helps you track and organize your numbers to quickly build wealth while aligning with your principles and ethics. Wealth allows you to take back your financial agency and start living out your big dreams.

Espresso Shot(s)

What is your top tip for each of these three areas:  
Financial recordkeeping,   
Financial organization  
End-of-month Reconciliation


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