Building a Community that (Out)Lasts (You)

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Some business owners want to build an audience while others want to build a community. What’s the difference and why is it important? Today’s guest, Jen Pilcher, knows the secrets to not just building a community for your brand, but making sure that community will outlast even you. 

Quotes from the show

“When you think about communities, it’s kind of wild. Like you are a part of so many creations of communities. And I wonder if you realize the impact that you have made for others without realizing it because you created spaces for them to belong.” -Selena Conmackie talking about Jenʻs impact on the military community.

“I think of an audience as one-way communication. I think of community as a two-way communication style. So when you go to a movie, you’re in the audience, but you don’t get to interact or communicate with the actors on screen. I believe only community can work if there’s a two-way engagement.” Jen Pilcher when answering one of our Espresso Shots

“if you want to build community, you have to do something different than you would otherwise.” Jen Pilcher

Let’s Meet Our Guest

Jen Pilcher

Founder & CEO | Strategic Military Communications, LLC

Jen is a former Speech-Language Pathologist turned founder, investor, and consultant. Using more than 20 years of communication, marketing, sales, and media experience, she is one of the nation’s foremost thought leaders and sought-out speakers among corporate and start-up communities.

She is a limited and venture partner with The Veteran Fund, a Pre-Seed Venture Capital Fund in Silicon Valley, backing military veteran-led technology startups.

Espresso Shot(s)

What is the difference between a community vs. an audience?
What are the keys to building a successful community? 
How do you know when it’s time to step away?


Community photo with Jen Pilcher

We hope that you find your community while on the small business/entreprenuership life. Our above graphic shares the places we love to be around.

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