Successful, Streamlined, and Savvy Solutions For Every Business

Yes! You Should Expect More.

We know there are a lot of digital marketing companies out there, but you’ll only find one Anna + Selena. We don’t just offer suggestions and wish you good luck in meeting those marketing goals you’ve set for your company. We’re there with you every step of the way to show you how to implement the strategies and solutions that will make your business shine.

If you ask us what we can do for you and your company we’ll say we:

Strengthen your brand Find your ideal customers Convert leads into sales Level up your social media presence Bring more traffic to your website Renew your excitement about your company Showcase what you do best

Digital Marketing is never a one-size solution for every company. That’s why Anna + Selena give exclusive attention to your business goals and how they fit into your project objectives so we can provide you with the best options and help you get more from everything you do on any online platform.

WordPress Website

Looking for a high-converting, search engine optimized, custom-designed website on the most user-friendly platform available? Anna + Selena are your expert team to create a one-of-a-kind website for your business needs.

You can count on smart designs, eye-catching movement, customized applications, and user efficiency on every page. We specialize in UX design for a perfect end-user experience.

You’ll get customized content with SEO-optimized strategies to help your webpage stay relevant and at the top of search engine results.

Why WordPress?

Anna + Selena have created websites on other platforms, but we recommend and prefer WordPress because of its customization and user-interface opportunities. Need more information? Connect with us for a 20-minute strategy call to find out if we’re the right team for your upcoming website project!

Custom Websites starting at $5,000

Coaching and Content for Digital Strategies

The 24/7 world of digital marketing can quickly get overwhelming - You’ve probably asked yourself things like

“Am I doing it right?”
“Is this even making an impact?”
“Is this reaching the people that I need it to go to?”

Enter Anna + Selena with answers, brainstorming sessions, great ideas, and solutions to help you get the most from every online platform.

What do we do?

-Optimize and streamline online profiles for any social platform
-Design product and service launch strategies
-Create digital assets to help your business get noticed through social media
-Set up your email marketing campaigns, welcome sequence, launch sequence, and more!
-Support your public persona with blogs, articles, and ghost-writing efforts
-Pay Per Click ad support for all platforms
-Search Engine Optimization for your website copy, blog articles, and social profiles
-Build branding assets and awareness for your products and services
-Refresh your existing website
-Set up analytics and providing reporting on analytics for the social platforms you use.

Ready to discuss your upcoming project? Schedule a 20-minute chat and find out exactly what Anna + Selena can do for you!

Fractional CMO

You’re a busy business owner trying to manage your marketing mix, it’s time to tap into the FRACTIONAL CMO experience. We deliver the best in presentations and keynotes. And we’re not afraid to be a little bit extra to really bring down the house.

Head over to learn more about this service.

On-Demand Workshops
and Resources

Looking for interactive web-based workshops? We offer a variety of on-demand workshops to support small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing. Our workshop portfolio grows monthly as we add new classes and courses. You’ll find freebies, downloads, user guides, and more.

These professional development courses will increase your understanding of the digital marketing world and give you the latest and greatest best practices.

The flexibility and convenience of on-demand course allows you to start and stop the workshop on your own time which makes your learning conveniently available at any time and anywhere!

Emcees, Speakers, Presenters, or Workshop Trainers

Anna+ Selena are emcees extraordinaire and we inspire and motivate through presentations and workshops. It’s an amazing feeling to meet with a group that is eager to learn and ready to get inspired. We deliver the best in presentations and keynotes. And we’re not afraid to be a little bit extra to really bring down the house.

Anna + Selena would love to elevate your day, your business, your conference, your workshop, your employees, your team, your organization and more.
Some topics that you might love to hear?

You’re Kind of a Big Deal. - All about getting out from under the imposter syndrome that plagues so many professionals in today’s world

Social Media Doesn’t Scare Us - Helping small business owners and entrepreneurs understand the basics of social media, platforms, and posting best practices.

What’s The Big Deal About Military Life - Stories of resilience, strength, and more to share the world that military families navigate in a way that connect them to those people we call civilians!

Interested in bringing us to your next virtual or in-person event? You bring the audience and we’ll bring the fireworks and the fun!

Our industry is not known for its website awesomeness....until now. Not only do we have crazy cool video and graphics, we also have a shopping cart that allows customers to rent and buy our instruments. We get so many compliments from people who never thought a mom and pop music store could level up, but we did....and it is all thanks to Anna and Selena! They worked with us every step of the way to make our dream website come true! Highly recommend them to anyone....and I do!

Jenna & Jason Day | Day Violins

5 Reasons You’ll Love Working with Anna + Selena

We make it easy.

Our clients are our WHY. We want you to have an experience that makes you want to come back for more, refer your business colleagues, and feel proud to bring us home to mom!

We listen.

We listen to what you want and then we work hard to get it done. Everything we do, we do with our client in mind. We make sure that we’re focused on your goals and objectives so that the final results are exactly what you want.

You can trust us.

We don’t make promises and then bail if things go wonky. We know that the digital world is finicky and sometimes just downright unfriendly. So, trust us when we say that we’ll give you everything we’ve got.

We stick around.

Not only do we offer a maintenance packages and month to month contracts for long-term client care, but if you need us to jump in down the road to support you it’s like calling up an old friend and asking for help.

We’re a lot of fun.

Don’t get us wrong…we’re extreme professionals, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some great times to show how much we enjoy working on your project and working with you!.

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