Get Unstuck From Your Small Business Ways

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“Donʻt be [too] attached to what you know — you arenʻt willing to learn something new” 

When our guest today, Moniek James said those words we knew it was time to talk about getting unstuck from your small business ways.

So, if you have an attachment to doing things the same way you’ve always done them or if you aren’t leaving space for learning new things, you are stopping yourself and your business from growing.

Quotes from the show

I think I definitely think stuck looks different and different people and a different businesses, but it essentially is confusion.-Moniek James

What worked in 1950. It was working then, right? It should still work now. It could be, right?. -Moniek James

Let’s Meet Our Guest

Moniek James

Owner & Marketing Strategist//Fractional CMO | Renegade Creative Media

Moniek James is a veteran, military spouse, speaker, author, online entrepreneur and founder of Renegade Creative Media Group. Her passion is teaching business owners and brands how to leverage content marketing to deliver their genius to the world.

Moniek has been trusted and hired by organizations and associations like the Arizona Commerce Authority, Small Business Development Center, SCORE, Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs and the American Business Women’s Association to train small business owners and entrepreneurs on establishing & expanding their digital footprints.

Espresso Shot(s)

What are the 4 finance pillars small business owners should be thinking about

(1. Awareness – Be aware of your finances. Often people are sacred, ashamed, or nervous to look at their financial situation. In order to move forward, we need to see where we are.

2. Mindfulness – Be mindful of your spending habits. I discuss 6 questions to ask yourself before you make a purchase.

3. Purposefulness – I always say, “Don’t wonder where your money went, tell it where to go!” A budget isn’t a restriction but rather a plan.

4. Accountability – We were not designed to go it alone. Get an accountability partner and/or a support network.)



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