Using Your Small Business as a Platform for Change

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As a small business owner, do you have a purpose beyond building profit?

Guest, Heather Campbell MS, RDN, owner of Glory Nutrition, shares how she’s using her small business as a voice for food insecurity while still providing nutrition services for busy families. Learn how your small business can be an advocate for change even when you have to embrace imperfect progress.

Letʻs Meet Our Guest

Heather Campbell | Owner & Family Meal Expert | Glory Nutrition

Heather Campbell is a Registered Dietitian, mom of 3, AF spouse, and family meal expert. She volunteers in multiple national organizations and is an active advocate for the 1 in 4 military families facing food insecurity.

In her private practice, Glory Nutrition, Heather helps busy families gather around meals together without wasting time, money, or brain space so they can focus on more important things.

Small Business owner Heather Campbell bio

Espresso Shot(s)

Want a quick summary of what we discussed during today’s show? See our Espresso Shots we asked Andrea. We’d love to hear your thoughts on these topics!


Our Favorite Project Management Tools

Heather shares great tips on quick and easy meals to help with your busy life on the Gram. Head over to her account and follow her. Her Reels game is pretty on point. Follow here here

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