Unlocking Lead Generation with Online Quizzes 

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Are online quizzes the ultimate lead-generation tool?

Meet Helen Munshi, owner of Helen Munshi, HQ. When done right, an online quiz can generate new leads, create loyal customers, and help your small business stand out in your industry.

Inject energy into your business marketing with an online quiz.

Let’s Meet Our Guest

Helen Munshi

Quiz Marketing Strategist

“You’re great at what you do, now it’s time to tell the world so you can truly scale your business – I help entrepreneurs generate consistent high quality leads using the magic of online quizzes”

Helen is an online business growth strategy and trained quiz funnel expert. She has supported entrepreneurs like Holly-Marie Haynes to build engaged communities ready to buy whose freebie now converts at 80% and a 70% email open rate.

She has been supporting entrepreneurs for over 15 years and also runs a property business.

She runs The Quiz Academy, a DIY program to build your quiz funnels and full bells and whistles “done for you” quiz funnels.

She’s also a country music-loving Brit! Usually found with a messy ginger bun, eating anything spicy, and playing Korfball (look it up, it’s a real sport!!).

Espresso Shot(s)

Why do online quizzes work? 
How do you create a quiz that can make an impact?


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