Purpose-Driven Businesses: A B Corp Conversation

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Do you run a socially responsible business?

Have you heard of B Corp certification? Meet Sarah Holdeman and Rebecca Goldcrump of The Impact Collective, strategists that help mission-driven organizations put values into practice. Find out more about B Corp certification which certifies that your business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency.

Join us to talk about what certification can bring maximum impact and ROI.

Letʻs Meet Our Guests

We are social impact strategists who use business tools to help mission-driven organizations put their values into practice. We envision a world in which businesses succeed through stewardship to their community and the environment.

Sarah Holdeman, MBA

The Impact Collective

Sarah Holdeman, MBA I think about “growth” in everything I do, including how to grow mission-driven organizations’ impact. From designing micro-marketing strategy to analyzing social platform market trends, I am a forward thinker and a passionate operator. As a member of the B Local Board, I use these skills to help grow the B Corp movement in the Pacific Northwest. My experience in many industries – from food and beverage to tech to healthcare, allow me to bring an innovative approach to projects in service of helping organizations reach their goals.

Rebecca Goldcrump, MBA, CPA

The Impact Collective

Rebecca Goldcrump, MBA, CPA I help people and organizations find confidence and clarity on their unique path to greater impact. I’ve been on a journey from Numbers to Humans – from CPA to Social Impact Strategist to Integral Coach. I’m committed to using my business and coaching skills to make a positive impact in the world, by helping nonprofits and mission-driven organizations strategically maximize their impact. I also offer 1:1 coaching to Social Impact Leaders and Executives, to help them bring their whole selves to the important work they do.

Espresso Shot(s)

—> What does it mean to be a purpose-driven business?

–>What is B Corp certification for Small Businesses? 

—> Why do we want to be B Corp certified?


“Amid all the turmoil in our world right now, there’s a lot of talk about greenwashing, performative impact goals, and “check the box” certifications. Companies are feeling pressure to do good because consumers and employees are demanding it. And consumers and employees are demanding transparency and have little tolerance for companies that don’t walk the talk.

How do organizations assure their stakeholders that they are staying true to their mission and impact goals? Certifications like B Corp Certification are a great starting point, but how do companies make sure they’re not just using it as a marketing tool (because consumers will be able to tell)? To truly live into your values means examining every role, process and policy in your organization through an impact lens…”

Read their whole blog article here.

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Find Our Guest


https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-impact-collective-pdx https://www.instagram.com/theimpactcollectivepdx/

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