August 5, 2022 Zoom

Email Marketing

August 5th, 2022

A year ago, Olivia & Selena had a Zoom call that turned into our first MilSpouse Marketers get-together. Connection, networking, and collaboration all happened and the understanding of our unique position as Military Spouses cause us to move frequently.
We took a little break and Olivia brought us back to include Anna as a third host and we had our first call on August 5th.
Email Marketing was a topic we wanted to tap into with our group and see their challenges and successes in this part of marketing.

A little bit of who joined us

#MilSpouse Marketers Thoughts on Email Marketing

Your Hosts Take Away

Olivia Perez-Breland

What a blast it was to see so many familiar faces – and several new ones, too! As Military Spouses, we’ve got to support each other because no one else understands our lifestyle like we do.  

Also, for the record, I love Selena’s “fill the empty space” chatter. I just love it! (I don’t believe for a moment that she’s a “secret introvert.” lol) Selena embodies the Aloha spirit, and it’s amazing how she’s able to fill the air with it – even over a Zoom call. 

I’m so grateful to have Anna’s support as well. She brings many years of experience to the table, and I love that she’s so down-to-earth. Anna can explain complicated things to anyone – without making them feel stupid – and THAT is an amazing gift!



Anna Larson

I loved meeting so many new faces from today’s conversation.

Email marketing is something I do for my clients, but I set aside and leave in the “when I can find the time” for my own business.

This conversation spurred me to finalize my own welcome series, restructure some of my list, and jot down marketing funnel ideas for the audiences I have captured.

Thanks everyone for motivating me to improve and grow as a milspouse marketer!



Selena Conmackie

The secret introvert in me is always nervous. Is an extroverted-introvert a thing?

That out of the way, I loved playing host today and being a part of giving people space to be together. Especially our #MilSpouseMarketers crew.

Great seeing what stage of life/marketing everyone was in when we took our survey in the beginning.

My favorite part is when I can learn and Danielle Bangs shared a new resource Really Good Emails that you can find in the Resource section below.

Looking forward to our next Zoom meeting!

#MilSpouseMarketers Resource Hub

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