Is social media marketing a good career?

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Welcome to a topic we covered in our 2022 Video Everyday in April Challenge.

I’m Selena Conmackie of Hauoli-Socially Inspired and my biz bestie and co-host is Anna Larson of NomadAbout . Together we formed our joint project Anna + Selena, which is the go-to place for website design, digital strategy, and more.

Today’s topic is, Is social media marketing a good career?

In February we conducted a workshop that had about 60 attendees talking about social media, and how important it is. We shared these statistics with them about social media and how itʻs used.

social media graphic with statistics about how social media is utilized in the world.

The biggest one right now is if you take a look at the use, both worldwide and in the United States, which if you’re a small business or an entrepreneur or a big business, even, and you are selling within the US over 82% of people in the United States are using social media and worldwide it’s more than half 56%.

61% of marketers see videos, as a very important part of their marketing strategy, which is why we’re going to talk to you today about why you should be also doing live stream videos.

49% of marketers say that video helps them engage with their audience.

So yes, social media is an incredibly good career!

Letʻs talk about the reasons why it’s a good career.

Reason 1

First, it’s likely you enjoy being on social media. So this is an opportunity for you to spend a lot of time on your favorite social media channels? Heading into a social media manager field gives you an opportunity be on there.

Reason 2

Second, being part of growing a community, and making an impact with your participation in creating awareness can be a great feeling.

I doesnʻt matter what industry you’re in, because whatever topic it is you’re talking about is going to be important to the ideal clients of that industry.

Reason 3

Third—Remote work at its finest, you literally can work for, from anywhere in the world.

So whether it’s fashion, politics, soccer classes, high school drama. It doesn’t really matter what the industry is, because the words that you’re saying are important to that group of people, your audience so that potential for going viral or really making an impact on someone.

For anyone in the world, you could be living in the United States and be working for someone in Africa, South America, or Europe. You can be living in Europe, South America, or Africa, and be working for someone in the United States. So there is no limit to the potential for clients. And industries that you can work in when you are working within social media plans.

That opens up the circle of where you can look for the opportunities to be employed.

It’s not just kind of like, how far can I drive? What time do I get up?

It’s not a, Hey nine to five and you need to clock in. And, it’s a scope of work, that needs to be completed by this date.

Maybe you are a student and you need to make some money and you do stuff when you’re done with class. And you come home to your dorm room, or maybe you’re a mom, looking for something manageable after the kids are down.

Students Studying in Dormitory

Letʻs talk attributes

Make sure you have the attributes.

Yeah, we do think that there are some very important things that a person needs to understand before they want to choose this as a career.

First attribute

Let’s start with the first one, the first one I’m going to say is a this can feel like a 24-7 job. Don’t stop at 5:00 PM and then you go home and there’s nothing new on social media until you clock back in.

Right. I mean, it’s happening day and night, and depending on what your job is or what industry you’re working for, you’re, you may have to be on call at weird hours. So that’s something definitely to be prepared for.

Second Attribute

The next attribute that we think should be important is, that you should not be off the grid.

If you don’t know what’s happening thatʻs kind of a big deal.

Are you keen on keeping an eye on pop culture and what’s trending in daily life, on the internet?

This is how you can be really valuable to your clients, right? Because you’re not talking about the Janet Jackson, Superbowl fiasco from 10 years ago, you’re talking about the latest halftime show that happened this year!

So keep an eye on pop culture. In real time.

Third Attribute

The third attribute that we want to mention, and this one we’ve already said a little bit earlier, but you really have to be able to do copy, content, and graphics.

You have to kind of be able to do all three and put them all together. Now there are some jobs out there where you’ll just be able to write content and that’s it. There are some jobs where you’re just creating graphics and somebody else is doing the copy for it. But unless you are working for a large company that can afford separate people for each area, youʻll most likely start out doing them all.

Be prepared to have some basic skillsets and all of those areas.

Understand what good copy is.

What good graphics look like.

The last attribute that I want to mention Anna and I talked about is having thick skin. You are doing creative work which can be subjective.

You are dealing not just with the client but getting feedback with the content you have created for your client. Can you handle the negatives?

Cause it can be both a pat on the shoulder or right in the kisser.

Wrapping This Up

So yes, if you’re considering a career in social media, think about the above skillset and attributes we believe make a solid social media content creator.

So from two individuals working intimately and very frequently in social media as marketers, we wish you success in this career path, and let us know how itʻs going when you do!


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