Introducing Anna and Selena

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So, you want to get to know Anna and Selena a little better? We’re so glad to hear that because WE want to get to know you too! Funny how that all works out. We think it’s because we’re a lot of fun to be around. We think it has to do with our love of working together. That’s how we came up with our motto to Connect | Laugh | Inspire


Aloha, I’m Selena Conmackie, owner of Hauoli Socially Inspired. I’m a native Hawaiian and I moved to Texas after meeting the love of my life who also just happened to be a soldier in the United States Army. I build websites. I do digital strategy. I do social media management. And, I love being on video.


Hey! I’m Anna Larson, owner of NomadAbout. I love being a small business owner. I also do all things digital marketing and marketing strategies. I love to organize and plan out the best way for your business to succeed. Together, Anna and Selena bring a lot of energy to every client project.


Selena and I met in Fort Hood, Texas and, as military spouses do, jumped feet first into a friendship when we realized that we had a lot in common. I’ll never forget that day. It was a barbeque at a mutual friend’s house and Selena showed up with the cutest cookies shaped like pineapples. I think I ate about 5 of them. They were so good.

We got to talking about blogging and business and then completely ignored our host and our husbands and our kids. It was kind of a magical moment when you know you’ve found someone you can call “your person.”

That first conversation led us to volunteering together, then working together, then creating a business together!


I love where we’re at. It’s definitely been a few years of growth and now we are in the phase of our business where we get to help other entrepreneurs and share all the years of knowledge and best practices.

Supporting and teaching is our love language and we do it with a lot of passion – like popping a bottle of champagne passion!

We’re obsessed with giving value. Whether that’s in MCing a live stream, strategizing on your social media marketing plan, or handing it out as advice (whether you ask for it or not!)


We’re not getting fancy here…we just want you in our space. Whatever that is to you. We want to collaborate with you. We want to share knowledge. We want to support you. You know…all the things that make you feel like a rockstar at whatever you do.

Are you ready?


This is a weekly party sent to your email inbox full of inspiration, laughs, and action items that will grow your business.

See you soon!


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