Identify Your Personal Board of Directors

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Do you have a personal board of directors?

As a small business owner, you need to adopt high-performance habits, thoughts, and management skills to help your business grow and thrive.

Your personal board of directors are those people who help you frame a mindset of success and today’s guest, April Garcia, Owner of PivotME and a business adviser and performance coach is going to help us understand how to make that happen.

Let’s Meet Our Guest

April Garcia


Hailed as “the Business Adviser you’d love to have a beer with” April Garcia is the Expert with an Edge.

By age 19, she had already begun her long tenure of entrepreneurship as a real estate investor, had started her first company, and bought a house before she could legally buy a beer. Later she graduated from numerous leadership academies, climbed the ladder as a top performer in the Financial and Telecom industry, received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, built several businesses, and advised both U.S. and international corporations from start-up to billion-dollar businesses.

April is an expert in growing revenue, sales, and operations, increasing productivity, and helping business owners obtain (re)balance so they have time to enjoy the life they earned. She knows what it takes to change your story, remove limiting beliefs, create high-performance habits, and teaches people how to add time into their schedules (hint: morning routines and time management).

She is a former scientist, passionate adventurer, and has visited over 45 countries leading humanitarian teams (ask her about La Jefa). She has survived cholera, dysentery, rabies treatment, and one military coup- almost two. She has completed triathlons and endurance races despite having Lupus, which can be debilitating.

Although she’s a corporate badass, she is also a loving mother and wife. When she’s not in the boardroom or on the microphone, she can be found in the mountains camping with her family.

Espresso Shot(s)

—> What is a personal board of directors?

—> What type of thoughts, people, and beliefs should take up our personal mental real-estate?

—> How do you battle distraction, create focus, and get more done?


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Find Our Guest


Instagram: @theaprilgarcia

YouTube: AprilGarciaPivotMe


Facebook: @theaprilgarcia

Tip Jar

This episode’s Tip Jar is brought to you by Joana Linares, Enumerista

Check Payments

If your business accepts check payments from customers, make a copy or take a photo of the check before you deposit it at the bank. Some online banks do not offer images of checks deposited and/or require you to contact them to obtain such images.

It’s one of the most difficult of puzzles for business owners and bookkeepers when trying to backtrack and clean up the books for businesses that accept checks.

Thanks for joining us on today’s 15{ish} Minute Coffee Chat! We’d love to hear from you.


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