How to Attract Sponsors to Support your Small Business

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Do you think your small business can attract valuable sponsorships?

Guest, Justin Pearson, Founder, and CEO of Proper Patriot, is a master of creating value-based propositions and putting on events that provide an unrivaled sponsorship experience —even against bigger competitors.

Learn how to WOW your potential sponsors and supporters during today’s conversation.

Letʻs Meet Our Guest

Justin Pearson | Founder & CEO | Proper Patriots

Justin is the Founder & CEO of Proper Patriot, LLC., a veteran-owned patriotic apparel & coffee company that provides American-made apparel, veteran-roasted coffee, annual veteran’s day fishing retreats, and the following services: print-on-demand, coffee-on-demand, brand-on-demand, and end-to-end full-service fulfillment for companies, organizations, military units, and entrepreneurs with any apparel printing, coffee distribution, or build your brand needs.

Justin served in the U.S. Army for 20 years, earning a Bronze Star, the Sergeant Audie Murphy Medallion, and many other prestigious awards for his exemplary service. His combat tour was in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.”

Espresso Shot(s)

Want a quick summary of what we discussed during today’s show? See our Espresso Shots we asked Moniek. We’d love to hear your thoughts on these topics!

  1. How do you create a valuable sponsorship proposal as a small business owner? -Subquestions about graphics and timeline for events.
  2. What type of experience does a small business have to provide to compete for those sponsorship dollars?

Justin dropped these tips to us right before the show. We’re adding them in here for you to use as part of your sponsorship conversation and plan!

1. Create the sponsorship value offering, including how it’s beneficial for Sponsors and what they get pre/post-event.

  • Craft the “WHY” it’s important for them to be a part of your event (It’s Veteran’s Day … Connect with your audience in an authentic way
  • Create a variety of focal points on “HOW” the sponsor will benefit from your event (team building, reception & integration, attracting talent, providing solutions)
  • Share Impact statements & success stories of previous events
  • Develop the packages of “WHAT” they’ll receive for being a part of this event (This allows them a choice  

2. Develop visually appealing graphics & videos to attract and showcase the impact of the event, explain more?

  • Determine the content categories you will use to position your event

-Attraction (General awareness, meant to be shared, valuable & meaningful) 

-Authority (Positions your brand, gives you authority, provides expertise)

-Affinity (Relatable content, correct voice to your consumer, trust, belief & value)

-Action (Tie it to a business goal) – landing page, email signup, survey, download)

  • Determine what types of content you want to use


-Social media


-Copywriting for (website, press releases, sponsorship descriptions, and advertisements)


-Podcasts & Livestreams

-Infographics & Ebooks

-Lead magnets

3. Start your sponsorship content distribution plan 120 days before the event, what should happen?

  • Develop a timeline & roadmap with checkpoints to keep you on point (Asana or Google Tasks)
  • Identify & Assess supporting resources that you’ll need

-People (Is there anyone who will support you as a volunteer? As a fellow or as apprentice?)

-Influencers (Garner support from your network, showcase them as supporters of your event)

-Other small businesses that will support

-Software & Programs (Apollo, HubSpot, Asana, Canva,


4. Provide an unrivaled experience & service, how do I do that?

  • Communication is key
  • Use LinkedIn Audio and Video
  • Leverage your YouTube Channel for unlisted videos 
  • Conduct Zoom overviews
  • Send We’re excited & grateful handwritten notes
  • Send Cards
  • Send Cookies or  Cupcakes
  • Allow Opportunities to make their organizations shine


Designing your attraction brochure is something you need to factor in when looking for potential sponsors. We are big fans of using Canva for its ease and user-friendly capabilities for the new designer.

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Check out Justin’s 2022 Veteran’s Day Fishing Retreat & Campfire Networking Event here.

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