Grow and Develop Your Business With Group Coaching

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Does your business coach clients 1:1 or in a group setting?

Meet Allison Nelson, Business Strategist who says that group coaching can be a powerful experience for your clients and a profitable opportunity for every entrepreneur in every industry.

Join us to talk about adding or improving your group coaching offering to grow and develop your small business.

Letʻs Meet Our Guests

Bio of Allison Nelson of Make Biz Happen discussing group coaching

Allison Nelson, Business Strategist

Make Biz Happen

Allison Nelson is a business coach for solopreneurs who want to grow their online business and fast-track the freedom without the BS.

She is a mama, marketing expert, counselor, and educator and weaves all of her experience into her business so that her clients are taking massive action towards growing their online business and taking care of their family.

Espresso Shot(s)

—> Why is group coaching valuable to small business clients?

—> How can group coaching make a small business more profitable?


Listen to one of Allison’s podcast.

Episode 110: 5 Fears Around Group Coaching Programs (And How To OvercomeThem) 

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Do not compromise the level of access to your funds

When working with an Accountant and/or Bookkeeper, you will be asked to provide banking, credit card, loan and other types of statements on a monthly basis. This can get tedious, yes, but do not compromise the level of access to your funds by sharing login information. Did you know that many banks offer read/view-only accounts you can set up for your Accountant/Bookkeeper?

Thanks for joining us on today’s 15{ish} Minute Coffee Chat! We’d love to hear from you.


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