Four Tips for Effective Project Management

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Do you feel clear on how to manage your projects?

Guests, Andrea Singsaas, owner of the Tyne Group, is an executive coach and project management consultant. Join us to hear four tips for effective project management to make sure you meet your business goals.

Letʻs Meet Our Guest

Andrea Singsaas | Owner & Executive Coach | The Tyne Group

Andrea Singsaas is the owner of The Tyne Group, an executive coaching and project management consulting practice. Her passion is to help leaders grow, change and balance their professional and personal pursuits.

Andrea has international consulting and project management experience spanning multiple industries. Her passion for project management fuels her creativity in solving problems for leaders and business owners.

Andrea has a BA in Communications, and MBA in Leadership and Project Management and received her PMP in 2017.

Andrea Singaas Bio for Project managment tips

Espresso Shot(s)

Want a quick summary of what we discussed during today’s show? See our Espresso Shots we asked Andrea. We’d love to hear your thoughts on these topics!

We’d like to provide four tips for effective project management based on the four main points you said you would like to share with the audience which are:

1. Never underestimate the power of accountability.

2. Clarity is often best found through someone else’s perspective.

3. Tactical goals allow the opportunity to focus on strategic goals.

4. Manage change as you would a project.


Our Favorite Project Management Tools

Anna & I are super fans of Trello and use them for our combined projects and individual projects to keep us on track.

Selena uses this for her social media client and her team to efficiently communicate content approvals and complete the tasks of getting her client content scheduled in her scheduling software.

Grab FREE resources here.

Find Our Guest

Tip Jar

This episode’s Tip Jar is brought to you by Caitlynn Eldridge, Eldridge CPA, LLC of Caitlynn Eldrigde Virtual CFO

If your business accepts check payments from customers, make a copy or take a photo of the check before you deposit at the bank. Some online banks do not offer images of checks deposited and/or require you contact them to obtain such images. It’s one the most difficult of puzzles for business owners and bookkeepers when trying to backtrack and clean-up the books for businesses that accept checks.

Thanks for joining us on today’s 15{ish} Minute Coffee Chat! We’d love to hear from you.


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