Enneagram: How your personality type shapes your business

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Do you know your Enneagram number?

Guest, Jayla Rae Ardelean, uses the enneagram to guide her clients in discovering strengths, setting goals, and being more self-aware. Come find out how your personality is shaping your entrepreneurial journey.

Letʻs Meet Our Guest

Jayla Rae Ardelean is a Milspouse Mentor, writer, speaker, and host of The Heart of a Milspouse Podcast. Her work focuses on supporting the milspouse with former dreams to re-spark their inner purpose, using empowered action and personal growth tools, including but not limited to the Enneagram.

She refers to herself as a Late Career Milspouse because she met her husband later in his career (11 years in) and had advanced degrees and a career track of her own.

Find her on Instagram @mil.spouse or visit her online at jaylarae.com to learn more.

Enneagram coach Jayla Rae Bio

Espresso Shot(s)

Want a quick summary of what we discussed during today’s show? See our Espresso Shots we asked Jayla Rae. We’d love to hear your thoughts on these topics!

How does knowing your personality strengths (enneagram #) unlock a successful entrepreneurial/small business owner journey?

A: If you know your personality type as a business owner and entrepreneur it builds the self-awareness you need to unlock success. Think about all the messages out there about being successful and how to be successful…if you don’t know what individualizes your success journey then all those tips and tricks become noise that may not actually work for you! It’s a choice to take on understanding WHO you are and building that self-awareness. The enneagram is just one tool of many that can help guide you. It can be a map that shows you where you have stepped into times of stress and when you’ve stepped into times of growth.

What is the practical application of knowing your personality strengths for a small business owner or entrepreneur?

A: It’s all about understanding your motivations and your decision-making process. When you are really tuned into yourself it makes it easier to take the steps you need to run a successful business. But, be careful! Sometimes those strengths become your weaknesses because you focus too much on them and let other areas of your business slide. Before you know it…you’re too heavy hitting on some things and severely lacking in others which makes it difficult to have your business flow the way it needs to!

Your decision-making process as an entrepreneur is informed by your personality. That is why it's so important to be self-aware. The enneagram is one tool to understand who you are. Click To Tweet

Bonus Question from Selena:

A. Anna and Selena have something so core and true to our personality types that we aren’t aware of. When a Type 8 is being its core self they move toward being a Type 2. (That’s Anna!). On the flip side…when the Type 2 is feeling stressed or in transition they move toward a Type 8 (That’s Selena!)

What does that mean? It means that Anna and Selena meet each other in an interesting space in the enneagram system. As we better understand the traits and characteristics of each other we will recognize each other taking on the energy of the other’s type.

We think that is SO COOL!


Enneagram Guide opt-in that helps guide you through a goal-setting framework

Grab Jayla Raeʻs guide here.

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Thanks for joining us on today’s 15{ish} Minute Coffee Chat! We’d love to hear from you. What was your favorite tip from Jayla Rae?


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