4 Reasons to Use Social Media Marketing

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Four point six-two billion people use social media every day. Let me just pop that in as a number:


All those zeroes add up to about 58% of the world’s population.  Want to know another interesting fact? The average time spent online is 2 hours and 27 minutes.

If you want to be seen you need to be using social media. @iamnomadabout @thehauoli_ Click To Tweet

Think of how much building of trust, connecting, and conversion you can accomplish in 2 hours and 27 minutes!

That is reason #1 that you should be using social media platforms as part of your marketing strategy. 

👉With so many people using social media – if you want to be seen you need to use it too.

 Let’s be Social Media Friends.

If you’ve researched best practices for posting and content on social media it’s likely you’ve heard the words, “authenticity” and “trust” which is reason #2 for using social media marketing.

Yeah, they’re a little overused but that doesn’t change the facts.  Let me toss out another statistic to you. 

👉 90% of consumers say that they look for AUTHENTICITY in the brands they choose to buy from.

Customers are finding that word and the meaning behind it to be important. To me, authenticity means you need to be approachable and transparent. Your customers want to know who you are and what you stand for. It doesn’t mean you have to give them a dialogue from day one, “I was born at Red Rosary Hospital in 1983…” No, it means that you should be sharing tidbits about things like 

  • why you are the expert you are in your field, 
  • how you got there, 
  • why it’s important to you, and 
  • what your customers mean to you.

Behind the Wheel of Website Traffic

Repeat after me, “conversion requires traffic.” Nope, it’s not glamorous. This is the work truck behind your sales. In order to increase profitability you need to be driving people to your marketing sales funnel which often leads to your website.  

Just a couple of tips here.

👉First, make sure your website is amazing. As your online business card you can’t afford to send people the wrong impression. 

👉Second, social media marketing is the way you drive traffic to your website.

👉Third, remember how many people are using social media? Yeah, there are lots of ideal clients out there just waiting for you to find them!

Oh hey, by the way, did you know Anna + Selena build custom WordPress websites?

It’s All About Your Brand

Consumers remember 80% of what they see. Visual is powerful. Social media platforms offer a very visual opportunity for you to build your brand. 

Brands go beyond logos and colors. Brands are your business legacy. It’s what your clients know and feel about your business. Its what reflects your values and the whole reason you get up and dance through your workday – every day. It’s why you make connections and the foundation of your authority and expertise. 

If you want to reach a wider audience and grow your loyal clientele you need to be using social media as one of your top strategic funnels.

P.S. Every time I write that line I sing it in my head to Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass.” I just can’t help it!

The WrapUp

There you go, 4 reasons to use Social Media Marketing

  1. Connections happen where the clients are.
  2. You get to show that authentic side
  3. Social media traffic drives conversion
  4. You’re building your brand

Check out Anna + Selena talking about this very topic below 👇👇👇👇


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